The jobs picture in Shreveport doesn't look good, but the rest of the state is seeing improvements.

Dangerous Jobs
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Louisiana has seen 13 straight months of job gains. Workforce Commission Director Ava Dejoie says since March of 2018, the education/healthcare super-sector has led the way with an additional 7,400 jobs. But when you hone in on which communities are seeing the gains, you'll find job growth in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.

North Louisiana is still fighting to bring in jobs. Shreveport has lost 1,700 jobs over the last year. Dejoie says to counteract this, they’re training up workers for jobs that start at 40,000 a year.

The National Governor’s Association will also meet in Shreveport to discuss the possibility of turning our community into a cyber security hub.
Dejoie says she’s hopeful that rising oil prices will help some communities suffering from the downturn in that industry.

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