Have you ever wanted to own an island of your very own? Well that dream could come true, right here in Shreveport.

The fabled Buzzard Island (sometimes called Bird Island) in Shreveport's Cross Lake is currently for sale.

Credit: Century 21, Centurty21.com
Credit: Century 21, Centurty21.com

There has been a listing on local real estate websites for at least 100 days for 1 Buzzard Island, Shreveport, La...which is Buzzard Island in the middle of Cross Lake. The pictures on the listings confirm that it's the island often referred to as Buzzard or Bird Island in Cross Lake.

The price of the island is listed at $450,000, but doesn't just come with the land. Here's what the listing from Century 21 says:

"Here is your rare opportunity to own an island in the popular cross lake!!! Buzzard island is for sale (buy it and name it whatever you want). If you ever had a desire to own an island to enjoy as nature made it or to build your special place to live or escape to with over 4 acres of island paradise this is your chance. Don't let someone beat you to it and leave you with regrets. If land based water front is your preference check out mls number 247987. Check attachments for property location."

You read correctly, you GET TO NAME THE ISLAND. If you want to name it after your kid, you can buy it and do that. Own a Shreveport area business and want some long-term publicity? Buy this island and name it after your business. Or, do you have an enemy you want to get after? Buy this island and name it something insulting towards them! If you've got $450,000, you can make it happen.

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