Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond is stepping up efforts to fight a wave of crime in the city. He is also asking for the public's help to battle the criminal element in our neighborhoods.


Raymond says

Too often witnesses don’t come forward. Even victims of this violence sometimes refuse to cooperate with law enforcement. We cannot effectively reduce crime without the cooperation of those who are most often targeted.

He is encouraging residents to contact Crimestoppers if you know about anything that might help police get criminals off the streets.

Councilwoman Tabitha Taylor is also calling on residents to help take our streets back. She says "it's time to step up or shut up". She's calling on men to adopt a block and be more responsive to officers patrolling in that area.

There were several shootings over the weekend and so far this year, there have been 33 murders in Shreveport. The Chief plans to flood the crime ridden areas with officers from SPD, State Police and the Caddo Sheriff's office to get a grip on the crime in our community.

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