With plans for a new Basketball Complex appearing to move forward being pushed by Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler the Shreveport Police Officer's Association has released a statement saying they're opposed. The SPD has been asking for pay raises for 11 years being vetoed back in 2008 by then mayor Cedric Glover then voted down in 2012 by the City Council and they say they've been ignored since 2015.

According to the Shreveport Police Association the reasoning behind being told no on raises is the lack of funding. The proposed sports venue will cost around $100 Million with $30 Million coming from the city which said they plan to take out loans.

The Shreveport Police Officer Association says because of the lack of raises they're losing officer's to other areas and making it hard to attract new one's to the area which is hurting the safety of the city.

In their statement "SPOA Adamantly holds Mayor Ollie Tyler, CAO Brian Crawford, and City Attorney Will Bradford Jr. Accountable for ignoring the safety needs of Shreveport, Louisiana"

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