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The Shreveport community has been struck by a rash of violent carjackings over the last few weeks. At least 9 carjackings had been reported in the city going into last night. But the initial reports from the attack on August 8th, 2022 still sent chills down Shreveport's collective spine.

As KTBS initially reported, the suspect in the Monday night carjacking was in the backseat of the vehicle, and reached forward to cut the driver's throat. The early reports suggested the attacker had been hiding in the backseat, which created a viral buzz on Shreveport social media.

The attack was initially reported at the intersection of Line Avenue and Olive Street, where the suspect left in a red Toyota Camry.

Today, the Shreveport Police Department has further clarified the crime, with some important details. According to an updated KTBS report, Shreveport Police Cpl. Chris Bordelon says this latest carjacking was actually between two people who knew each other. Bordelon tells KTBS:

"We do not believe this is a random attack as the victim did know the suspect. The victim in this case was reportedly giving the suspect a ride. In many of our carjacking cases we do have suspect information due to the fact that there is a witness to the crime. In this case I believe there are two witnesses, one of them being the victim" 

The location of the crime has also been clarified, now SPD says it took place near the intersection of Boulevard Street and Fairfield Avenue.

Shreveport Police do not believe that this latest carjacking is involved in the previous crimes at all. Additionally, Bordelon told KTBS that detectives have learned some new details on the previous crimes, but aren't ready to announce any results from their investigations yet.

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