Have you seen the pictures circling around on social media? This image has gone viral all across Louisiana, but what's the story behind it? Will the Shreveport Police Department actually start rolling out a line of Mercedes Benz patrol units?

The source for this story is the online "Reporter News" page. In the post, it says:


What do you think about them?"

Well, the comment section got pretty spicy, and it stayed that way. The post was made days ago, and its still getting shared around Louisiana social media accounts. So what is going on here?

Inside the comments, the page reveals its a joke. But its the kind of joke that hits so hard, people actually believe it. Even weeks later, people are just looking at the picture, and not reading what's happening, and they're firing away online "shares". Those "shares" and then catching others, who keep sharing.

But if you see it getting shared, and people getting upset, let them know...this isn't real.

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