Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler issued a press release this morning stating that she was placing Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump on "Departmental Leave". The move comes in response to an altercation with suspects yesterday that led to the Chief discharging his firearm at a suspect.

Here's the complete statement from the Mayor:

"Mayor Ollie Tyler placed Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump on departmental leave with pay today in an effort to maintain full transparency during an ongoing investigation into an incident involving Chief Crump’s pursuit in the apprehension of a suspect on Monday, October 30. Chief Crump gave chase to an alleged armed robbery suspect in the Hollywood area where he fired his weapon.

No one was injured from the discharge of his weapon. “Our Police Chief demonstrated his willingness to actively take part in combatting crime and putting his life on the line alongside his fellow officers,” said Mayor Tyler. “Policy does not require officers to be placed on departmental leave under such circumstances; however, because he is the head of this department, it is appropriate to take this action to allow for a full and thorough investigation.”

Deputy Chief Bill Goodin will be in charge of the police department during this period.

Mayor Tyler said “public safety is my main priority and the citizens of Shreveport can be assured we are committed to act swiftly and appropriately to secure the safety of our citizens.”

Questions were raised this morning surrounding the incident, including whether or not Crump fired at an unarmed suspect. Those questions will likely be answered as a part of the investigation the Mayor alluded to in her statement.

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