Shreveport Police Chief Wayne Smith terminated an officer.

Corporal Peggy Elzie was terminated following an administrative investigation where it was determined that she violated departmental rules and regulations. Elzie had been with the department since April of 2015.

These matters are still pending adjudication and no further information will be given.

This latest firing comes on the heels of a recording that surfaced of Shreveport Police brass talking to Elzie who was accused of engaging in a sex act at the police station with a high ranking official in the department.

On this recording, you can hear the investigator call Marcus Mitchell "the Mayor's boy" and he also refers to Police Chief Wayne Smith as a "dinosaur".

This recording was obtained by Reporter News and posted on Facebook.

You Be the Judge and Listen to the Full Recording

This investigation has been ongoing in the department since early 2021. Former SPD Officer, Marcus Mitchell has already been let go from the department after being investigated in this case.

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