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A shakeup is on the way in the Shreveport Mayor's race. City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller has decided to jump in the race. After thinking about her future and her decision not to run for re-election to the council, Fuller has decided to make a run for mayor of Shreveport.

Here Is the Statement Fuller Issued on Friday:

After much prayer and many discussions with family and friends, I have decided that the best way I can contribute to my community is to seek the office of mayor of the City of Shreveport. In my campaign, I will offer my perspective on our community’s greatest challenges and a concrete plan of action on how we can fix them without waiting on someone else to save us.

Councilwoman LeVette Fuller told KEEL News that she was not going to run for city council. She says all of her efforts have been second guessed and questioned.  Fuller says she wants what is best for the city. She told us she has an aging parent in our area and she says if she is going to remain here, she wants to do her part to make our city successful.

Fuller says if we are looking at a repeat of what has been going on, we will not be successful. She told us she does not want to be a part of the same old politics that has been going on.

To those who have said Fuller is “not black enough” to win, she says this is not new. “I have heard those things since I was in high school. It’s juvenile and is beneath this community to think that a person can be black and transparent and have integrity and that that’s not seen as black enough. So what are we saying about the black community if we can’t have educated, broad-minded people leading this city?”

Fuller joins quite the crowded field. In addition to Fuller, the Secretary of State's Office shows at least 7 other candidates including Mayor Adrian Perkins, Tom Arceneaux, Mario Chavez and Greg Tarver.

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