Shreveport Republican State Senator Barrow Peacock fires the first shot across the political bow as he has decided to endorse Democratic State Senator Greg Tarver for Mayor of Shreveport.

Louisiana Legislature
Louisiana Legislature

The local senator tells KEEL News "Greg is my colleague. Greg is my friend. He has been effective. He served on the city council. He also served on the police jury before that."

Peacock says he has donated to Tarver's campaign and says "we know what we get with Greg."

Peacock says "there is often a disconnect  between local government here in northwest Louisiana and the capitol outlay process in Baton Rouge. I know Greg will solve that problem." Peacock adds "he's been tested. You don't last as long Greg Tarver in the political realm without being effective in doing things. I think we need that for Shreveport."

Peacock says all politics is local and he's effective, but he can find common ground to help our community. Peacock says Senator Tarver also helped secure funding for the LSU Medical Center. He says this is not a Republican or Democratic issue.

This endorsement will likely be criticized by local Republican leaders, but Peacock says this is not about party. He says we have to elect a mayor for Shreveport who can get things done and he thinks Tarver is the man for the job.

We are hearing more endorsements are on the way and even Tarver has said we have to stop thinking about Democrat and Republican and Black and White. He says we have to all come together and elect someone who can help save the city.

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