Shreveport mayoral candidate Melvin Slack, the only other Republican candidate, has withdrawn his name from the mayors race.  Slack ends his campaign after a restraining order was issued by Judge Brady O'Callaghan after being  accused of sexual harrassment and issuing death threats to a local woman.

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According to the report filed by a local woman, Slack alledgedly stalked the victim at the recent mayor forum sponsored by PACE, she asserts he called her over 60 time over the 21st & 22nd, then sent threatening texts when she didn't answer.  The report alledges Slack also threatened one of her relatives. The Shreveport Times reports Slack also used gay slurs at the recent mayoral forum, hosted by PACE.

"If this was a ploy to get me out of the race, they got what they wanted because I'm just going to go ahead and let them have the mayor's race," Slack said over the phone before abruptly ending the short conversation.

After Slack's resignation from the campaign, this leaves the field of mayoral candidates down to 9. After the Lousiana Supreme Court decision, Democrat Mayor Perkins is eligible to run again, the candidates also include Democrat State Senator Gregory Tarver, Democrat Shreveport City Councilperson LeVette Fuller, No Party Candidate local businessman Mario Chavez, local attorney and former city councilman Republican Tom Arceneaux,  former Shreveport Police Officer, Democrat Tracy Mendels, local attorney, Democrat Lauren Anderson, as well as political newcomers Democrats Darryl Ware II and Julian Romano.

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