Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins and City Council Chairwoman Tabatha Taylor have announced a plan to boost the pay of all city employees.

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Perkins says he is presenting a plan to the council on December 28 to raise the pay of all 2,000 city workers. The raise would be 13% for all fulltime workers. This will include first responders and all other departments. Perkins says he plans to use increased sales tax dollars, American Rescue Plan dollars and general fund surplus money, if necessary.

Perkins says "our city employees haven't received a significant pay raise for over 10 years. We believe this is well deserved and well needed."

He adds "this is one of the happiest days of my tenure as Mayor of the City of Shreveport."

What Is the Message from Council Chairwoman Tabatha Taylor?

Chairwoman Taylor says "this is an historic day in the city of Shreveport. I want all city workers to know how much you are valued by the city of Shreveport. I have heard your cries. I do not want you to live below the poverty line while working for our citizens."

Perkins says "we had a call with the White House and we have learned we can use American Rescue Plan dollars for this pay raise."

How Much Will This Pay Raise Cost?

The price tag of this raise will be at least $10 million a year. Sales tax revenues for 2021 are up by close to $14 million dollars from what was budgeted.  Once the American Rescue Plan dollars run dry, city leaders might have to look for another source of revenue to sustain this pay increase plan over the long haul. That could mean a tax increase. But if sales tax revenues continue to grow, a tax increase would not be necessary.

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