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Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins may not have to wait long to find out if his disqualification from this year's Mayoral race will stand. Later this morning, Friday August 5th, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals will hear his case.

This hearing will be a three judge panel, which will feature Chief Judge Milton Moore III of Monroe, Judge Shonda Stone from Shreveport and Judge Jeff Thompson of Benton, according to a report from KTBS. The judges will hear this case quickly due to the time sensitive nature of an on-going campaign, and upcoming election.

Earlier this week, a Caddo District Court Judge ruled that an issue with paperwork disqualified Shreveport's Mayor from seeking reelection. The issue surrounds Perkins' residency listed on his election paperwork. The forms filed on July 22nd say Perkins lives in south Shreveport, and stated he was registered to vote there. However, Perkins has bought a condo in downtown Shreveport, and claimed a Homestead Tax Exemption on that condo. Louisiana election laws say that if you claim a Homestead Tax Exemption on a residence, that's the property you have to list on your election and voting paperwork.

Perkins reportedly changed his voting address on July 30th, a week after he filed his reelection paperwork.

Louisiana law further states that if you submit false or inaccurate information on your Notice of Candidacy paperwork, you are disqualified from the election the paperwork was filed for. Meaning the inaccurate information submitted by Perkins would disqualify him from the race for Mayor he filed for on July 22nd.

Caddo Parish District Judge Brady O'Callaghan referenced a case in West Monroe that involved a similar scenario, that disqualified a candidate. That West Monroe ruling was appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where it was upheld.

Perkins has gone on to blame local media members for the issue. The Mayor claims he was "distracted" by media members present during the filing of his paperwork. It should be noted media covered other candidates filings as well.

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