The City of Shreveport was rocked by multiple mass shootings in the late night hours of Friday, March 24th, and the overnight hours of Saturday, March 25th. Shreveport police are investigating shootings in two different parts of the city.

The first shooting happened just before 11pm on Friday night in the Lakeside Neighborhood. Officers tell KEEL News 7 people were shot in this area when several people jumped out a car and opened fire with a rifle and a shotgun. Two of the victims were rushed to the hospital by private car while Shreveport EMS crews transported the other five victims to the hospital.

Then after midnight on early Saturday morning, Shreveport Police were called to another mass shooting in downtown Shreveport. This shooting took place in the 200 block of Texas Street. Police believe multiple suspects jumped out of a car and opened fire on pedestrians. Six people were wounded. One of them has died.

This all comes in the same week and Shreveport named the 20th murder victim the city has seen this year.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

In response to these mass shootings, Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux released a statement where he says these violent acts "...will not be tolerated by the City of Shreveport and its overwhelmingly law-abiding citizens."

In the statement, Mayor Arceneaux says he his calling on the Federal Government to intervene in the outbreak of violence in the city. He's calling on them to apply federal crime jurisdiction to these investigations. Here's part of the statement:

"(Mayor Arceneaux) called on the power of the United States Government to investigate criminal conspiracies that fall within the scope of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The City believes that many of the recent violent activities could fall under the RICO statute, which carries extremely stiff penalties.

RICO includes violations of state statutes against murder, robbery, and dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical. The City believes that the activities of many of the perpetrators of violent crimes have committed offenses that permit prosecution under RICO, and the Shreveport Police Department will be cooperating with federal authorities to provide evidence to support those prosecutions.

Mayor Arceneaux and SPD Chief Wayne Smith are also talking with the Louisiana State Police (LSP) about utilizing their assistance in investigating these violent crimes to bring the criminals to justice more quickly"

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