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SHREVEPORT, LA-   2024 Scheduled Bond Propositions Meetings

If you have any questions concerning Mayor Tom Arceneaux's upcoming bond proposal election, this is your chance to ask them.

In an effort to open dialogue and engagement with the community, the City of Shreveport is pleased to announce a series of meetings to discuss the three bond propositions that will be before City voters on April 27th

These bond meetings serve as a platform for residents to become informed about proposed initiatives, and their impact on the community.

Scheduled to occur in the month of April, these meetings will provide an opportunity of transparency and accountability about the three prepositions. Our citizens will have the chance to learn about upcoming projects and understand the financial implications.

“We recognize the importance of engaging with our citizens and involving them in the decision-making process,” said Mayor Tom Arceneaux, “These bond community meetings are instrumental in ensuring that the City provides accurate information about the propositions that are on the April 27 ballot.”

The topics covered in these meetings will range from streets and drainage to public safety, water and sewer and SPAR facilities.

Residents are encouraged to participate actively. Below are the dates, times, and locations of the meetings.




A.B. Palmer Community-  District E- Chairman Jackson

Wed - 4/3 5:30 PM

547 E. 79th St. Shreveport, LA 71106


Airport Park Recreation Center-  District F Vice Chairman Green

Thursday - 4/4 Noon

Address: 6500 Kennedy Dr.  Shreveport, LA 71109


David Raines Recreation Center  District A   CW Taylor

Thursday- 4/4  5:30pm

2920 Round Grove Ln. Shreveport, LA 71107


Lakeside Recreation Center-  District A  CW Taylor

Wed -4/10 5:30PM

2200 Milam St. Shreveport, LA 71103


Bilberry Recreation Center- District  G CW Bowman

Thursday – 4/11/24 5:30PM

1902 Alabama Ave. Shreveport, LA 71109


Valencia Recreation Center- District  B CM Brooks

Tues – 4/16/24 Noon

1800 Viking Drive Shreveport, LA 71101


Bill Cockrell Recreation Center-  District  G   CW Bowman

Tues – 4/16 24 5:30PM

4109 Pines Rd. Shreveport, LA 71119


Southern Hills Recreation Center-  District  E   Chairman Jackson

Wed – 4/17/24 5:30PM

1002 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Shreveport, LA 71118


LSU-S-   District  D  CM Boucher/District  C  CM Taliaferro

Wed –4/24 :30PM

One University Place-  Student Center Auditorium   (Youree Dr.)


Highland Center-  District  B  CM Brooks

Mon -4/25/24 5:30PM

520 Olive St  Conference Room 1

Shreveport, LA 71104


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