A movie shot in Shreveport last year is nearly ready for release.

French producer, director and screenwriter Fabien Dufils says 'One Buck' is in the final phases of production. The coolest part is that it features many locals, including Back 2 Back bar owner and musician Michael DeArmond, who I recognized immediately in the movie trailer.

"He's a very sweet man, and he did a very nice job in the movie. Very great job," Dufils said. Oh, and Michael, he also asked me to tell you hello.

Other stars on the list are John Freeman, Katie Ryan, Cassi Colvin, Will Green, River Faught, Darren Kendrick, Peter Tahoe, Kassandra Kanaar, Lindsay Castillo, Melissa Schumacher, Joe Brooks Jr., Charlotte Bjornbak and Robin Zamora.

After watching the trailer, I can tell you this is a dark film, and not intended for young audiences. This wouldn't be something you could take the kids to see. I wouldn't even let teenagers watch it. But the story line is quite intriguing.

Here's the synopsis:

Shifting from one pocket to another, from one man's drama to another, a lowly dollar bill -- "one buck" -- takes us on an odyssey through the heart of a forgotten town in Louisiana. Along the journey of "one buck," we encounter Harry, who is immersed in a downward spiral brought about by the sudden and violent death of his wife. In its transitions from each hopeless hand to another and each desperate character to the next, "one buck" bears withess to different facets of irresistible vice enticed by money. If money could talk, this is its disturbing tale of the dark side and of moral disintegration in society. Harry's self-destruction is the highlight of the stories and his demise serves to be his redemption.

Dufils says the finished product should be ready by the end of this month. Because it's an indie film, it won't be making any big-screen debut locally, but Dufils says he's hoping to arrange a premiere in Shreveport, given that so many locals are in the picture. He expects the film will be more widely-shown in Europe and other countries.

We'll keep you posted on exactly when the local screening will take place. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer. But be forewarned....this is FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

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