Reports this morning say talk show icon Jerry Springer has died at the age of 79. While Springer dominated TV in the 90s and early 2000s, he made countless fans (and enemies) while becoming a pop culture force.

The Jerry Springer Show lasted for 27 years on TV, and rarely had boring moments. From over-the-top guests to non-stop fights on the stage, Springer had a certain brand that became popular. That brand became so popular, it was immortalized in movies like Austin Powers.

Even though that clip is from a movie, its not really sensationalized for what The Jerry Springer Show actually was. The show literally featured fighting on the set over and over and over. Both punches and chairs were thrown on a regular basis on The Jerry Springer Show.

On one particular episode of The Jerry Springer Show, Shreveport got in on the traditional Jerry Springer action...

That's right, a good 'ol Shreveport fight on the Jerry Spring stage. Something that we can all agree, fits perfectly.

Springer was on TV with his main show until 2018, and transitioned to a second show called "Judge Jerry". That courtroom show ran for three season. But it wasn't the last time Springer was on TV...

Of course Jerry Springer would be great on a show like The Masked Singer. Not because he's a great singer, obviously, but because the flashiness of the show, and ridiculousness of the concept.

Let's also not forget that Jerry Springer was an Emmy Award winning TV personality as well.

Forever and always...JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!

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