New research from the team at FiveThirtyEight has explored the continuing political divide in the landscape of US politics. Mainly focused on cities, and the idea that "Democrats win cities".

Through their research, the team tore apart the political support in the Nation's 153 largest US Cities. They dove into the size, shape, and neighborhood makeup for each city, and referenced it against their political votes to see how each city broke down. All the way down to the street.

Here's an explanation from FiveThirtyEight's team:

"To see just how politically segregated America’s urban areas are, we used each city’s 2016 election results to calculate its dissimilarity index — basically, a number that tells us how separated its Republicans and Democrats are from one another, with higher numbers indicating more segregation. This technique is most often used to measure racial segregation, but political scientists have also used it to calculate partisan segregation."

So what cities are the most divided? You might not be shocked by this, but 9 of the top 10 are all in the south, and 3 of the top 5 are in Louisiana. (4 of the top 11 are in Louisiana too)

Here's the Top 15:

15. Baltimore
14. Atlanta
13. Savannah, Ga
12. Augusta, Ga/Augusta, SC
11. Lafayette, La
10. New York City
9. Montgomery, Al
8. Mobile, Al
7. Columbus, Ga
6. Memphis
5. Shreveport
4. Birmingham, Al
3. Baton Rouge
2. New Orleans
1. Jackson, Ms

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