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The state of Louisiana has reportedly wasted more than 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. That number is being provided by Dr. Joseph Kanter, Chief Public Health Adviser with the Louisiana Department of Health, during Governor John Bel Edward's COVID press conference last Thursday. Among those 548 lost doses, Kanter said 133 of those doses came from the Shreveport area.

Kanter said the loses are "not a happy thing to talk about", but indicated that he believes they're all mistakes, and just human error. Suggesting that none of the loses were malicious.

KSLA reports that the Shreveport hospital that lost the doses was Pam Specialty Hospital of Shreveport North, who lost the doses last month. Post Acute Medical Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Adam Burick told KSLA...

“Rather than just taking the box, [the pharmacy team] opened it to make sure every vial was, in fact, frozen. It was not” 

Burick further explained to KSLA that the company Moderna, who supplied the COVID vaccine, was unclear on the original instructions for those 100+ doses. Stating that he asked for clear guidance on expiration in writing after originally being told the doses would be fine until May. However after pressed for clarification, Moderna eventually told the hospital that the doses were now expired.

However Burick did say that his hospital was able to vaccinate their front line workers.


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