The more we learn about the proposed changes to the Shreveport Healthcare Plan, the more it just stinks.  Usually, the more you learn about something, the better your understanding... but with this embarrassing fiasco, the more one learns, the more convoluted things become. Were RFP's issued? One side says yes, although they've never produced any evidence. And the other side says no.  They've never seen any RFP's.

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Retired Shrevport Police Assistant Chief, and Shreveport Healthcare Trust Fund Board member Bill Wilson recently told KEEL News:

"It's going to be a circus... I mean.. the clowns are going to come out..."  Wilson also said:  "I've been on the board for 10 years... this should be a very simple process, but the city is making it so complex, I'll admit to you... as a board member, I don't know WHAT they're doing...."

Wilson did back up on that statement a bit, but the meaning is clear.  The fix is in.

"Let's just say they've got the votes in... I mean, we've already had at the last meeting, 35- 40 firemen there....   but the city... no, not the city, MAYOR PERKINS... well, let's just put it this way... this is a political year... this is a political suicide for him..." Wilson continued, "You've got 3,000 employees, the majority of them go to Willis Knighton, so why say.. "Hey, I'm taking care of the city, and you're going to lose benefits, and it's going to cost you more..."

When asked about City Council member and Healthcare Trust Fund Board member Jerry Bowman's voting membership as an Ochsner employee, Wilson replied:

"Oh yeah, that's definitely a conflict, it was brought up in our last meeting, I mean, I didn't bring it up, but some of the members that were there, and one of the guys got up and made public comments, and he was aware that Mr. Bowman works for Ochsners, but the administration doesn't think that that is anything of interest, that they don't believe it's a conflict."

The more we learn... the more convoluted it gets... not surprising... just more confusing. Which just seems to be par for the course for this administration.  There is a special meeting called for September 7th to go over the details, but if history is any indicator, more questions will be brought up than answered.

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