Matt "Danger" Schnell has been pulled from the UFC 269 card and we are heartbroken for him.

This is just brutal news. It was shaping up to be an awesome event for us in Shreveport as two of our own were heading to the octagon for battle. Shreveport's Tony Kelley and Matt "Danger" Schnell were set to compete on a monstrous UFC card that features legends like Dominick Cruz, Cody Garbrandt, Amanda Nunes, and Louisiana's own Dustin Poirier. This card is stacked, and Shreveport had not one, but two fighters ready for war.

Unfortunately. one of our own will not be competing at UFC 269 after all. Tony Kelley is still set to fight Randy Costa, but unfortunately, Matt Schnell's fight against Alex Perez has been pulled due to a strange issue found by NSCA officials following Danger's weigh-in.

At first, UFC described the cancellation as a "medical issue" pertaining to Matt Schnell. Matt made weight, but after weigh in, the officials began to run some tests on him and what they found led them to pull him from the card altogether.

Matt later spoke on the situation via Instagram, stating that he was pulled due to a him having high heart rate.

I'm no expert in the fight game, but that just seems crazy to me and to be honest, I'm angry for Matt Schnell. He put in a full camp and made weight, and was on the cusp of competing on a truly remarkable UFC card, and was pulled due to supposedly having a high heart rate. The guy literally had just got done cutting weight, and with all of the hoopla surrounding UFC weigh-ins, I would be surprised if he didn't have a high heart rate.

In Matt's Instagram post, he stated that he was heartbroken, and I don't blame him. I know he'll rebound quickly because when it comes to warriors, no one is as tough as Danger.

I'm sad for Matt but excited for our other Shreveporter, Tony Kelley. Both are great guys and I can't wait to watch Tony do his thing today, and see Matt do his thing in the future.


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