Shreveport is one of the finalist cities to get a G-League team similar to Minor League Baseball from the New Orleans Pelicans. In order to help make them more appealing to the NBA the city officials are talking about building a New Sports Arena in Downtown Shreveport.

Baton Rouge, LA, Jackson, MS, Mobile, AL, Pensacola, FL, St. Tammany Parish, LA and Shreveport, LA are all in the running for the new team. Officials from the cities have until June 7th to get their final proposals in and shreveport is reaching out to local business owners to help make it happen here.

KSLA reports that as part of the proposal the city will include this letter...

Shreveport is experiencing a wave of support for our local sports teams. Between the inaugural seasons of the Shreveport Rafters National Premier Soccer League team and the reintroduction of the Shreveport Mudbugs North American Hockey League team in 2016, our community is showing up in overwhelming numbers to cheer for and place a vote of confidence in local athletics.  

A team affiliated with the beloved New Orleans Pelicans is destined to succeed in this area. The support from the community, local government, and state of the art facilities will provide a loving home for this team for years to come.

Shreveport is also reaching out to the community for help calling any and all Basketball Fans to a rally Thursday, May 25 at 6 p.m. at the new BHP Billiton YMCA. The new arena the city is proposing would be a mid sized one seating around 3,500-5,000 fans. Many ask why not just use CenturyLink Center which the city has answered saying  "The City of Shreveport was approached by the Pelicans and CenturyLink is too large for the size arena they want."

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