Nearly a year ago, Councilman James Green was accused of causing a disturbance and cursing at the female worker at an eye clinic. He was not arrested at the time.

Green was accused of barging into Eye Care at 5842 Line Avenue on June 2nd even though he was apparently told they were seeing patients by appointment only. Witnesses told police at the time, Green shoved his way past a female employee at the business and caused a disturbance, cursing and demanding to see the owner saying he should be treated better as a Shreveport City Council member. But Green was repeatedly told he couldn't enter the store because of capacity limits as a result of COVID-19. Reverend Green was charged with one count of simple battery.

Reverend Green, in court on Monday (5/17/21) reached an agreement with prosecutors to have his charge reduced and the trial for the incident placed on diversion. The Friday before the set court date, Attorney Cloyd Benjamin Jr. who was assigned to this case submitted a letter to the Judge saying that he, and Green's attorney, Randall Robinson, agreed to place the case in pre-trial diversion. An amended bill of information was also filed, changing Green's charge to the lesser offence of Disturbing the Peace.

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