No decision is made by the Shreveport City Council on the proposal to set up penalties for people who have guns stolen from unlocked cars. This measure has been watered down quite a bit, but Councilman John Nickelson who sponsored the measure is still getting lots of criticism from all sectors. The biggest complaint has to do with punishing law abiding citizens when they are victimized by criminals. Nickelson says this is simply one small step to try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

On another controversial issues, the Council also delayed action on two pay raise measures. One plan would bump up the Mayor’s salary from $96,000 to $125,000. It would not go into effect until the end of 2022. The council has also postponed a proposed pay raise for the council from $15,000 dollars to $25,000 thousand dollars. That proposal has been amended to put the raise into effect at the end of 2026 which means it could not benefit any current members of the council.
Several city workers showed up at the meeting to let the council know it’s time to take care of them. Rodriguez Hayes a water and sewer worker told the council “if you can find the money to give yourselves a raise, surely you can find the money to help city workers.” He says many city workers have not had any kind of increase for eight years.

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