With the world becoming more and more digital and internet based, Shreveport is considering some changes. Shreveport city leaders are discussing installing small 5G towers throughout the city.

For those that don't know what 5G means, it is the next generation wireless system. It would allow more users to operate at a higher rate of speed as well as lower latency rates and be much more efficient and reliable than the current network.


City councilman and infrastructure committee member Jeff Everson says Shreveport residents are using more and more data and the upgraded technology could make things work faster and more efficiently for residents.

Everson went on to say that the technology is still being developed by wireless providers but could be available and perfected  as soon as the end of the year.


There will be a public meeting held today (Monday January 8th) at Government Plaza. The meeting will give residents a chance to hear about the plan and voice their opinions on the matter. The meeting starts at 1 pm.

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