Shreveport is in the process of hiring a company to open the city pools this summer. It looks like the local company that has been in charge of the pools for more than 10 years will be out and a company from Atlanta, Georgia will step in to run the pools.

Project Swim

We are waiting to get information from the city about why a possible change is being made. But we have learned the city has gotten proposals from Rock Solid in Shreveport which is owned by Shelly McMillian and the other proposal comes from USA Management in Atlanta. Sources have told us the Atlanta company will be paid $125,000 dollars to run the five pools that are at SPAR facilities in Shreveport. These pools are at David Raines, Querbes, Bill Cockrell, Airport Park and Southern Hills. That is the same price in the bid from Rock Solid.

Project Swim
Project Swim

These pools will only be open for one month from June 28 to July 28. After July 28, the Southern Hills pool will be open on weekends only through Labor Day (Monday, September 2) from 1-5 p.m. The pools charge $2.50/day for children to swim. That fee will also go to the management company. USA Management will be responsible for hiring and paying all staff, all of the chemicals needed for the pools, along with insurance and workers comp.

Will Project Swim Continue in Shreveport?

What is unclear about this new deal is the future of the Project Swim Program which is responsible for teaching thousands of youngsters to swim. This program began in the aftermath of the tragic drownings of Shreveport teenagers Takeitha Warner, JaMarcus Warner, JaTavious Warner, Latevin Stewart, LaDarious Stewart and Litrelle Stewart off the banks of the Red River in August of 2010. These teens have become known as The Shreveport Six.


Since 2011, Project Swim has provided swim lessons and basic water safety for more than 18,000 young people in our community. These lessons have been provide free because of grant money provided by the family of the late Judah Hertz.

What Do We Know About USA Management?

Here are some of the reviews we found:

"I live in a community where the community pool is managed by USA Management. The pool has been closed more than open."

"Worst company ever. Do not let your children lifeguard here because they still owe my daughter $1,000 dollars."

"USA Management is a horrible, dishonorable, inept pool management company."

"Multiple no-show guards with no backup, lack of training, and pay discrepancies."

"USA Management is a very disreputable company. Be warned. They are crooks. Do not use them."

These are just a few of the reviews we found. I have to ask if Shreveport leaders have done any kind of background check on this company or checked references. I am hoping this is done before a final deal is reached.

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