SHREVEPORT, LA - Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux is proposing a pay raise for some city workers. He is changing what we're trying to do is to get back to the real workings of the civil service system. That system works on basically a merit increase based on experience for employees. As a practical matter, we are re-instituting step increases that would come for people based on their longevity as opposed to an across the board raise.

TSM Rueben Wright
TSM Rueben Wright

Arceneaux is also working on a pay package to help recruit and retain police officers and firefighters. He wants to put a recruitment stipend in place for new recruits that would give them $7,200 after they complete one year of service. Officers moving to work in Shreveport from another community would be eligible for a one time signing bonus of $10,000.  Current officers and firefighters would be eligible for incentive pay increases for educational achievements and physical fitness. They could also get more money for additional firearms training or working on medic units.

Arceneaux is also including a 3% pay increase for fire and police civil service employees in addition to the incentives.

KEEL NEWS asked Arceneaux if the 13% increase given to all workers last year was a mistake and he says "that's not the way I would have done it." If the Arceneaux plan is approved by the Shreveport City Council, the pay raises for some would go into effect next year.

The total general fund budget for the City of Shreveport in 2024 will be 5% less than the 2023 budget.

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