Due to budget troubles as a result of COVID-19, Shreveport City workers will be forced to take at least a one day furlough every pay period. This is mandatory for all employees except those in the police and fire departments.

Photo - Amanda Currier
Photo - Amanda Currier

Chief Administrative Officer Henry Whitehorn send out a letter outlining the plan to trim spending by cutting payroll expenses.

City leaders are still asking workers to take a voluntary furlough.

This mandatory furlough goes into effect on June 15th and is expected to be in place through at least the end of this year. Department heads and supervisors will determine how furlough days will be staggered based on staffing needs in each department.

For employees who take the voluntary furlough, it will be in effect from June 1st to July 31st. Those employees would still be eligible for unemployment assistance and their job would be secure. This is information included in the letter:

Per the Furlough Policy, this personnel action places employees in a temporary, non-duty and non-pay status while maintaining their eligibility for health benefits and retirement credit. This is unlike a “layoff”, which is an actual employment termination with possible re-hire in the future.

Shreveport is facing a revenue shortfall of $25 million dollars because of the pandemic. But these figures could change as the actual tax revenues are collected. Municipalities across the country are making decisions about reducing staff, eliminating programs and other ways of dealing with budget shortfalls.

You can read CAO Whitehorn's letter by clicking here.

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