The Shreveport City Council had a special meeting this morning to discuss the proposed dog park.

At issue is the funds that are available for the project and the costs of making it happen.

"Several council members had asked for some independent estimates to build the dog park," Shreveport City Council Chairman Michael Corbin told KEEL News.

"We've seen numbers that SPAR has come up with and there was some question about whether those numbers were too high or too low," Corbin continued.
"So we got two independent estimates from local contractors so we could factor those into any decision we make down the road."

Most of the project would be funded with money from the Red River Waterway Commission, however there are some concerns that money will not cover the construction costs.

"There is a little over $200,000 that's available from the Red River Waterway Commission," Corbin said.  "Most of the estimates we've seen so far are much more money than that."

Mayor Cedric Glover's lawsuit was brought up in the meeting because of whatever decisions the City Council makes could affect the mayor's lawsuit.

Corbin added the project overall has made no new progress in the past 10-12 months.

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