I have to admit my skills as a good friend are in serious jeopardy this week. My best friend owns Happy Bellys on Youree Drive and she got quite an honor this week and I didn't even know about it.

The folks at Only in Your State have named Happy Bellys as the best place in Louisiana to get ice cream!! How cool is that. I tried to make amends to my dear friend, Leslie McMurray by calling her to congratulate her on this huge honor.

Leslie has been there for me so many times including a few years ago while we were still on KVKI and I had given up ice cream for Lent. She showed up at the station with a big tub of Italian ice and frozen custard when Lent was over.

Congrats to Leslie and her entire team who continue to make Happy Bellys one of Shreveport's most favorite spots for a sweet treat.


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