Anytime election day falls on Tuesday, and the polling place is a local school, you can pretty much bank on the fact that the schools will be closed. And tomorrow is no exception.

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Tuesday, November 8th is finally here. No more political ads... no more forums... no more spam texts from candidates... (okay, there will still be SOME... as runoffs are expected for many races... but there will certainly be a lot less!) It all comes down to this.  Polls are open tomorrow from 6A-8P local time, which, of course, falls right into the school day.

With all the talk about securing our schools, 'hardening' the campuses, and keeping our kids safe, you don't want a school full of children with strangers coming into the buildings.  Not to mention the logistics of trying to conduct a normal school day with classes, gym class, and the lunch schedule with most cafeterias or gymnasiums now being setup with voting booths, tables, volunteers and citizens taking over those areas.

If early voting is any indication, local turnout is expected to be very good. Could you imagine traffic and parking with school in session?  School busses trying to make their way to drop off and pickup students while voters are parking on and around school campuses.

In Caddo Parish, in addition to the mayor's race, there are city council races, several state constitutional amendments, as well as 6 propositions on the ballot.  Voters are encouraged to study your local ballot to see what you're voting on before you enter the voting booth.

A good place to start is at the Secretary of State website, that will show you what is on the ballot.  You can also study the constitutional amendments at the PAR website, and read about the propositions at the Caddo Parish website,  Remember to bring a state-issued photo ID when you go to vote.

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