Last week, Erin McCarty made a post about "What Should Shreveport's Slogan Be?". And we got a TON of responses. Some good, some bad and some down right nasty. All you have to do is hop on Facebook to see what some people were saying about the city they live in.

Over the weekend, I really sat down and thought about what tagline I would give the city. Shreveport currently is a city search for an identity. But, if you look back at our history, there is one common theme from the beginning till now...rock and roll.

And, I know what your're thinking, there is nothing rock and roll about Shreveport. But, you couldn't be more wrong. This is a city with a lot of heart, a lot of passion and can sometimes be dangerous and on edge...just like rock and roll. Plus, the city itself has a LONG fabled history with music and rockstars from all walks of life.

One of the founding fathers of modern blues, Leadbelly, was born and lived here. Elvis Presley cut his teeth and learned how to be an icon on the Municipal stage. James Burton, Kenny Wayne Shepard and Hank Williams Jr were all born here. The Seratones, a relatively new band making waves in the world, is from Shreveport.

And, if you look beyond the scope of music, we've had tons of guys and gals who were "rockstars" in their profession. From Terry Bradshaw to Robert Parish to Johnnie Cochran to Albert Belle. William Joyce is a rockstar. The list is literally endless. Each celebrity from here is unique, flamboyant and amazing in their own way.

So, why are we searching for an identity and denying something we already have? I say we might as well embrace and put it on a billboard. "Shreveport: Home of Rock n Roll Soul". Fire up an ad campaign that highlights the fact Shreveport is a breeding ground for superstars.

Maybe it is slightly dirty and dangerous. But it is also bright, vibrant, in your face and has a style all to its own. Its got a rock and roll soul. It did back in 1888 when Huddie Ledbetter was born. It did in 1955 when Elvis was shaking his hips and making girls scream at the Municipal Auditorium. And it does now.

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