Colin Kaepernick is back in the headlines. This time, its because he and the NFL have settled a lawsuit over claims that Kaepernick was blackballed from the league over his political beliefs. Which is an issue that can be debated endlessly. But, now that his legal issues are settled, the question is: will anyone hire him? And more importantly, should they?

And this is a complicated issue on many levels. First thing first, yes he should have a job in the NFL. I know, not a popular stance, but its true. Even if he is a bit of a distraction, he is a more than serviceable QB....something that there is an extreme lack of in the NFL at the moment. And after a few weeks, the media circus will end and he should be able to get down to business. But, this is where things get complicated. While I think there is a place for Colin in the football world, but I don't think he's a franchise quarterback.

Lets look at it this way: if online rumor and innuendo is to believed, Colin wants 20 million a year and a starting job. Problem is he's not a 20 mil a year guy. That's franchise player money. And he's not worth half that. Kaeperncik is not a franchise player. He's been out the league several years and outside of the Jim Harbaugh system, has been less than stellar. You put his lack of production together with off-field distractions, and all of a sudden he becomes a less than attractive option.

At best, he's a 2 or 3 million dollar guy that is a quality backup with potential to start if needed. The Carolina Panthers would be the best place for him to land. Its an offense tailor made for his skill set, they are in need of QB while Cam Newton recovers from would be perfect. But, again, we go back to money and dollar to crap ratio. If he's willing to take less money to just get back on the field, I'd pull that trigger in a heartbeat. If not...well, he may have issues finding a job. He's good, but he's not a must sign free agent.

With all that said, just to end the controversy so they can get back to business as usual, the League will find somewhere for Kaepernick to land. Right or wrong. For better or worse. I just hope that, as a whole, we can put this whole mess to bed so we can back to the days of just watching some of the best athletes in the world play the game.

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