Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is asking the school board to thinks about letting teachers having guns in schools.

"Our schools currently brag of being "firearm free" zones, literally an invitation for armed evil doers," the Sheriff said. "Most of our school's have one armed "guard," but there are times when that person is distracted or unavailable. I am recommending that certain faculty members be allowed to possess weapons on campuses. These persons would have exhaustive background and psychological vetting. Once accepted, they would undergo extensive training and further determinations of suitability."

KEEL talked to the Sheriff about this hot topic.

Prator said his proposal is not for everyone, but for people in schools who have military and law enforcement backgrounds and those who have more confidence in their ability to handle a weapon under stressful conditions. "These are the people we should look at," he said.

"Everybody talks after each shooting, and nothing ever gets done," Prator said. "We can't wait on Washington or Congress to solve a local problem when we have the resources to take action ourselves."

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