U.S. Sen. John Kennedy will be available to answer your questions on Thursday morning. The Senator will host a town hall meeting on KEEL from 7-8am. You are invited to call in with your questions.

You can reach the Senator at 318 320-5335, that's 320-KEEL and be prepared to quickly ask your question. We are on a 7 second delay, so you will be instructed to turn your radio down.

If you have questions about health care, the future of Barksdale, terrorism, education, taxes or whatever other issue is on your mind. The Senator is welcoming all callers.

We did get this statement from Kennedy on the Vice President's visit to Louisiana:

I am thrilled that Vice President Pence is taking the opportunity to visit Louisiana and see firsthand the negative impact of Obamacare on businesses. Unfortunately, I was not able to accompany him because of important votes in Washington on behalf of our people in Louisiana.  I want to thank Vice President Pence for his invitation and wish him a warm welcome on behalf of all Louisianans.

We hope you will be listening Thursday morning between 7 & 8 for this radio town hall.

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