Senator David Vitter talked with us on KEEL this morning about several issues affecting Louisiana, including Common Core.

Sen. Vitter said we do need education standards and he is a supporter of Common Core "in principal."

Vitter added that he's still trying to unravel what happens now in light of the Governor's Executive order which essentially puts a stop to Common Core.

"I am in favor of the strong standards that Common Core represents," said Vitter.

Governor Bobby Jindal was once a strong supporter of Common Core, but no longer supports the standards. Vitter has announced plans to run for governor.

Vitter also provided an update on the VA Hospital scandal. On his Facebook page, Vitter addresses the VA problem:

No veteran should be put on any secret waiting list. But allegedly, that’s been happening at the Overton Brooks VA center in Shreveport. At a time when we’re learning more and more about rampant mismanagement at the VA across the country, any internal allegations should be taken seriously. I’m calling for a thorough investigation.

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