United States Senator Bill Cassidy was highly critical of newly inaugurated President Joe Biden this past weekend, expressing concern that the new administration's stance on a number of issues may be dangerous to the United States.

Appearing on Fox News, Dr. Cassidy made the point that the President's policy decisions are already showing “leftward slant." Cassidy cited Biden's move to halt the construction of the Keystone Pipeline as the greatest example, then added that the administration's kowtowing to China will prove damaging to the American worker, the nation's economy and even the security of the country.

"I think clearly there is a lot of energy in the Democratic Party on the left,” Cassidy told Fox. “I would argue that there is already a fair amount leftward slant of what Joe Biden is doing. For example, this order is affecting leasing oil and gas on federal lands will put tens of thousands of Americans out of work. It will shift oil and gas production overseas where their environmental standards are less than ours, which will increase greenhouse gas emissions. It’s almost as if you decided to help the Chinese and other economies with your domestic agenda. And so, I think already we’re seeing that slant to the left. I think the American people will be disappointed if this continues.”

President Biden's move to cancel the federal permits allowing the construction of the pipeline across the US from Canada is being strongly criticized, even by the liberal Canadian government and radically green Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Biden is also considering, via Congressional legislation, student loan forgiveness, amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and rescinding trade restrictions against China put in place during the Trump Presidency.

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