Some days you just have to have your Italian ice or frozen custard. This must have been one of those days for these two "ladies".

Happy Belly's is a popular spot on Youree Drive for Italian ice and frozen custard, but things got a little heated on Thursday when one driver apparently tried to cut in the drive-through line.

Here's the scoop. The driver of the white car is properly in line when the driver of the black car decides not to follow the signs which urge patrons to get in line on the side street. The driver of that black car is apparently trying to cut in line when the driver of the white car will have none of that. They play a little game of "chicken".

But then, the pregnant driver of the black car gets out, walks over to the white car and throws Chick-fil-A sauce on the passenger of the white car who jumps out and starts throwing punches. A passenger in the black car then jumps out to break up this girl fight.

Once the dust settles, the black car speeds off. The driver of the white car pulls up and they get their sweet treat from Happy Belly's to try to cool off from this heated exchange.

The police were not called and no charges were filed.

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