6 local folks have filed the paperwork to be considered for a temporary appointment to the Caddo School Board. The person selected will fill the seat in District 8. Current Board member Denee Locke has resigned.


The Board will host a special-called meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 21 to interview and select the interim representative for District 8. Following the interviews and vote of the Board Members, the appointed District 8 representative will be sworn in and begin their term immediately.

By the Friday Noon deadline, the following community members declared their interest in the seat:

· Larry Barbee

· Jeri Bowen

· Sumer Cooner

· Melissa Netherton

· Emma Shephard

· Christine Tharpe

The interviews will happen on Friday and you can watch the process on the district’s website.

The person appointed to the position will serve District 8 until the November general election.