The International Space Station, or ISS, is a massive multi-national space program that orbits the Earth in low orbit. The station is a "modular" space station, meaning it's been assembled through smaller parts over time. The completed station currently weighs 980,208 pounds (on Earth) and has a length of 239.4 feet, and a width of 357.5 feet.

Something that big has to be moving pretty slow right? Not at all. The International Space Station travels around the Earth at a speed of 17,100 miles per hour. That translates to a trip around the Earth taking around 90 mins, and giving the ISS about 15 trips around the planet per Earth day.

Endeavour Orbits Earth Docked To International Space Station
Photo by Paolo Nespoli - ESA/NASA via Getty Images

So with all of this passing around the Earth, does everyone have a chance to catch a glimpse of it? Kind of.

The majority of the time the ISS is passing our region right now happens during daylight hours, which would prevent you from being able to see it. However there are currently multiple points over the next two weeks that you can have a chance to see the ISS from the Shreveport and Bossier City area.

NASA actually has a website devoted to showing you when you can see the ISS from your location. For the first part of November 2022, you can see the ISS at multiple points during the early morning hours, and a few chances to see it in the evening.

From November 4th through November 12th, you can see it between 4am and 6am on multiple days. Then from November 13th through November 16th, you have times that it is visible from 6pm to 7:30pm. You can see the running list here.

So it's true, you can see the ISS from Shreveport.

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