Bossier City has been growing...a lot. One might say too much.

How could someone possibly say a city is growing too much? Have you seen the traffic issues in Bossier City? Its nearly impossible to make it through traffic on Airline Drive or Benton Road in a reasonable amount of time during regular business hours. Trying to maneuver either of those roads between 4pm and 7pm on a weeknight is a challenge.

How about parking? Have you ever tried to park in a neighborhood in the city? People park on both side of the street all days, at all hours. There's no posted rules of regulations. So driving in a narrow neighborhood street become impossible when there's only room for one car, and you're now playing chicken with another driver. You feel really stupid having to reverse down a street because you're in a tunnel made of parked cars on a city street...BUT THAT'S BOSSIER!

The population explosion of Bossier City hasn't just started either. Check out the historic population growth of Bossier City...


There could have been better plans made. But there are some happening now, as far as traffic goes, so better late than never! Right?

Even if you're frustrated with the results of the population (and therefore traffic) growth in Bossier City, you can't hate them. It's what a city is supposed to do. They just need to do a better job keeping up with it.

Unlike the city infrastructure, the retail side of Bossier City has been keeping up with the population boom. Plenty of businesses have been opening all over Bossier City's Airline Drive, especially over the last decade. Check out the difference in the area since 2014 in these photos:

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Look at these insane changes that Airline Drive in Bossier City has undergone since 2014 through Google Maps

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