Look at that baby!  So cute, and so rare.  MSN reports that Takara (that's the proud mom) and her new baby (no name yet) above there are soaking in the attention of visitors and press alike as the little aquatic mammal will be the last ever born in captivity under Sea World's care.  Last year, the company announced that it would abandon it's captive breeding program - but Takara slipped in a last minute surprise.

Due to overwhelming public pressure after the documentary "Blackfish" exposed the appalling backstage side of Orca Shows performed at Sea World parks across the country, the company announced that it would end all such shows by 2019.  However, Sea World will continue to care for these majestic animals for years to come.

Although this will be the last opportunity for SeaWorld guests to see a baby killer whale up close as it grows and matures, SeaWorld will continue to care for the orcas at its parks for decades to come,"

You can see the soon-to-be-named baby Orca at Sea World San Antonio.


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