Sci-Port's board chairman Rich Lamb spoke to the Caddo Commission Monday about the problems the learning center faced and how they plan to fix things moving forward. Lamb told the commission that one of the major problems that led to the temporary shut down was a huge payroll, which Lamb said was in excess of 2 million dollars. Lamb credits donations for paying for essential staffing needed for the current re-launch.

Lamb says that re-opening the center one piece at a time will help prevent the center from getting over extended and give them time to find a responsible way to re-pay creditors. Lamb also discussed a plan to outsource Sci-Port's restaurant and gift store. He told the commission that their full attention needs to be on the needs of Sci-Port, not running a restaurant.

Phase one of the relaunch of Sci-Port happened last month when they re-opened The Power of Play exhibits. Lamb says in the first 8 days after partially re-opening, Sci-Port saw over a thousand visitors.

Next on the docket to open up to the public is the IMAX theater on April 6th.

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