Arnold Schwarzenegger is the President of the United States of America…in a movie, at least. The action icon and former Governator of California has joined the cast of Kung Fury, the upcoming feature film based on David Sandberg’s 2015 short film of the same name. Schwarzenegger is the latest name to join the full-length version of the cult favorite, which is set in the ’80s and pays homage to the martial arts and cop flicks of the era.

In what may be a clever case of art imitating life, THR reports that Schwarzenegger will play the American President in Sandberg’s feature-length Kung Fury movie. (You know, because he also hosted that dumb Apprentice show.) Schwarzenegger is a fitting bit of casting for the project, which harkens back to his golden days.

Michael Fassbender also recently joined the cast of Kung Fury, with David Hasselhoff reprising his role from the short. The story takes place in Miami in 1985 and centers on “the greatest damn cop of all time” (played by Sandberg himself) and his team of Thundercops — “the ultimate police force assembled from across history” — as they go up against the biggest baddie of all time: Adolf Hitler, aka the Kung Fuhrer. (The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone played Hitler in the short.)

In addition to returning to the director’s chair, Sandberg will produce the film alongside Fassbender. Production is expected to begin this summer.

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