SHREVEPORT, LA – The spanking law in Louisiana schools is changing. Right now, corporal punishment is allowed in public schools. Typically, a school has a disciplinarian who administers the spankings. But things will be changing on August 1.

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Governor John Bel Edwards has signed a bill that bans corporal punishment unless the school has specific permission from a parent. Right now, schools can use corporal punishment without the ok from parents. Corporal punishment under the current law can include paddling, spanking, hitting, slapping, striking or any other force need to cause “pain or physical discomfort.”

This new law also applies to any schools that get public dollars. This will include parochial, charter and private schools.

How Many Schools Still Use Corporal Punishment?

Louisiana is one of only 15 states that still allow corporal punishment in schools, but many parish school boards have banned spankings in school.

State Rep Stephanie Hilferty of New Orleans has been trying to get a bill passed to ban all corporal punishment in Louisiana, but made changes to get to this compromise measure.

Is Corporal Punishment Allowed in Local Schools?

Corporal punishment is no longer allowed in Caddo Parish Schools. The school board voted to ban spanking in all Caddo schools back in February 2021.  In Bossier Parish, corporal punishment is discouraged, but it is still allowed. It has been used very sparingly in recent years in Bossier schools.

This new law goes into effect on August 1 across Louisiana.

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