Daniel Erspamer of Louisiana thinktank The Pelican Institute talks about the state of school choice in the state and the recent call by many educators for system reform.

The Pelican Institute, a New Orleans based non-profit research and education institute, says that the state must take major steps toward empowering families with options to pursue an educational opportunity that works for them.

These options, says Erspamer, range from expanding virtual charters to implementing education savings accounts to encouraging the institution of micro / pod schools, there are many solutions on the table to empower Louisiana families to find schools that fit their needs.

"For Louisiana, I'm hopeful," he continues, responding to the near certainty of more federal involvement in education under a Biden run government. "We have a legislative majority of school choice champions. The good news is that most education policy decisions are made at the state and local level. So, yes, we're going to have to fight against the mandates coming out of Washington and. yes, there are going to be some challenges as the federal government tries to put billions and billions more dollars in the hands of state government with all sorts of strings attached to it, but if we can encourage our (encourage) leaders to stay stay strong.

"We need to pass rules and laws that allow money to follow the child to the option of their choice."

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