This message has circulated on social media for the past 24 hours and it's pretty alarming to think garbage workers could be going through your trash to snag paperwork you might be throwing away.

Garbage Collectors Strike In Chicago, Suburbs
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

This comes from an eyewitness:

Garbage Complaint

It makes me think I might need to start shredding anything I throw away. But why? Would someone really go through trash to find information they could use to steal your money or even your identity?

We forwarded this post to Gary Norman, the Shreveport Public Works Director and Mayor Adrian Perkins to find out if they have gotten any calls about this alleged activity. Norman responded, saying: "We did receive the complaint and are investigating."

I have no problem if the sanitation workers want to take my junk. If I leave a table or a lamp out at the curb, they can have it. But I don't want them to go through my paperwork. They don't need to see how much I spend on Amazon or get any of my banking info.

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