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The Mayor of New Orleans may have negotiated the Saints out of the city.

This isn't a hypothetical, or hyperbole either...the New Orleans Saints organization admitted today that they are actively working with both LSU and the NFL to make this switch. Today WDSU published a release from Saints Senior Vice President of Communications Greg Bensel that said:

"We can confirm that our game operations staff is meeting with LSU officials today to discuss potentially hosting future Saints home games at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. LSU has been gracious and enthusiastic regarding hosting our future games and we very much appreciate their partnership. We have also discussed the possibility of moving our home games to LSU with the NFL and they are aware of our exploring this option. Obviously, our overwhelming preference is to play our games in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with partial fan attendance but there has been no indication from the city on when, or if, this might be approved."

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has been pushing back against the Saints, and Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, over allowing the Saints to host fans at their home games. Cantrell is preventing the team from having even 25% capacity, even though the Governor has approved it. Back in September, when the Governor first approved the Saints plans for fans, Cantell broke it down to her and her city getting more money from the State and feds before she will allow them to have fans in the Superdome.

So this negotiation breaks down to money, and not health. Which makes this a negotiation, not a public health response. But this might not have been the best move in a negotiation, because Cantrell apparently didn't think the Saints would just find a new home.

Which is exactly what it looks like they're trying to do.

By moving to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, the Saints would be able to sell tickets to home games, and Tiger Stadium would be able to operate under the same guidelines that have been put together for LSU games...theoretically.

Now it's not a done deal, but it would be a pretty slick move for the Saints to slide out from under Cantrell, and leave her with no more bargaining chips to get "her money".



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