Political analyst Dr. Jeff Sadow talks recaps last night's Presidential debate and gives his thoughts on whether there will be another.

"I thought I was tuning into a debate in Cleveland, Ohio, but it was more like Cincinnati, Ohio, the home of Jerry Springer," Sadow begins, commenting on the tumultuous affair that it became, "It was probably the most interesting, atypical debate we've ever seen. between major party Presidential candidates."

An what did Sadow think about the candidates performances? "I think what Trump was trying to do," he said, "what what Biden did to Paul Ryan in the 2012 Vice-Presidential debate when Biden kept stepping on all of Ryan's lines. Last night Trump was stepping on all of Biden's and I think it was intentional."

"Sometimes it's hard to tell what a casual viewer might think, but I suspect that if you're a casual viewer...I think probably it worked out more to Trump's advantage. Expectations for Biden were very low going into this and he didn't completely melt down on stage, in that sense it was a win for Biden."

And is there a debate format that would promote more decorum? "You couldn't allow any by-play between the candidates, but strictly answer questions and have them not be able to save anything to each other. But I don't know that that would work and I don't know if that would give voters a lot of information."

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