Last night's "Dancing with the Stars" featured the celebrities and their new temporary partners performing brand-new dances. In the end, the best match-up of the night had to be Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and pro Derek Hough.

Best friends Derek Hough and Mark Ballas traded partners for the week, and Derek really brought out the best in Sadie. They did a fantastic, fun Charleston and earned 36 out of 40 judges' points, Sadie's second-best score of the season so far - and the best of the night! It was just one point shy of last week's "Duck Dynasty"-themed Samba. Sadie really seemed to let loose and enjoy herself, and her performance was, in my humble opinion, flawless. And everyone knows how much I adore Derek's coreography and dancing style.

Another shining star was actor Alfonso Ribeiro, along with his temp-partner Cheryl Burke, performing a sharp and saucy Flamenco that wowed the crowd, but failed to impress the judges enough to earn him another perfect score. For the week, he's tied with actress Lea Thompson for second. And speaking of Lea, her Broadway dance with Artem was amazing! Yet...she only scored a 34, her third-worst so far.

Big surprises came from Tommy Chong, who's officially the oldest competitor left in the contest. He was paired up with Emma Slater this week, and delivered an incredibly fun Mambo, which landed him at second-to-last on the leaderboard. And Bethany Mota, paired up with Mark, got great judges reviews for her Hip Hop...but the judges only scored her a 32.

The worst part of last night's show seemed to be the judges themselves, who dealt out low scores and some harsh criticism to many of the couples. Janel Parrish, partnered with Artem this week, was reamed for her "too-sexy" Burlesque routine. The guest judge, singer Jessie Jay, did try to put a positive spin on her comments, though.

Lots of new dances last night, but many of them just weren't up to par for Week 5. Jonathan Bennett performed a Jitterbug with pro Peta Murgatroyd, but his timing way way off, and he missed a lot of steps. Antonio Sabato, Jr., and Allison danced Bollywood, but he couldn't keep up, and appeared to be looking at her for help too often. And poor Michael Waltrip! He really thinks he's getting better...but ended the night with his worst score ever -- a 20 -- for his Disco with temp-partner Whitney.

No elimination last night, so we'll have to wait another week to find out who goes next. I predict either Michael or Jonathan...but, of course, I've been wrong on that before. All I can say is...Sadie and Alfonso had better stay!


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